Work Plan

S & S Unlimited, Inc. proposes to complete the following tasks as outlined in the RFP under Scope of Work, plus provide additional services as deemed necessary by the SW NAHRO President or Executive Committee.


  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will submit quarterly reports to the President of SW NAHRO providing, in reasonable detail, the activities and programs conducted during the reporting period and the status of the association’s membership rolls.  This report will be submitted within 14 calendar days of the end of each reporting period.

  2. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will prepare and submit a separate report to the President of SW NAHRO and Executive Committee within 45 days of any conference, meeting, or training event.  The report shall include the actual income and expenses, as well as comparisons to the original event budget. 

  3. All reports will be in narrative summary form, and clearly detailing profit, loss, income, expenses, attendance and other relevant information.

  4. Any other reports requested by the SW NAHRO President and/or Executive Committee will be provided within 5 business days. 



  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will develop a market strategy to recruit new members and retain existing members, as well as entice other affordable housing providers and business partners not actively involved in SW NAHRO. 

  2. Upon Executive Committee approval, S & S Unlimited, Inc. will utilize the market strategy to achieve board established performance standards related to member recruitment and retention.

  3. Annual renewal notices will be distributed to members by August 1st of each calendar year via email.

  4. Delinquent notices will be distributed via email / mail on October 31st, and November 30th to collect late renewals.  Membership for those non-paid renewals will be terminated as indicated on final invoice.

  5. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will maintain an up-to-date listing of paid members with accurate contact information.

  6. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will receive and deposit dues payments and submit reconciliation statements to the Treasurer and President before the 10th of each month. 

  7. All notices, announcements and other pertinent information will be drafted and distributed through all resources available, i.e., constant contact, website, social media, email / mail, to accomplish the goals of the established projects.

  8. Constant Contact, Website, Social Media, Email and other resources will be utilized to ensure members are aware of and receiving membership benefits.  The S & S Unlimited team consistently performs sales calls prior to all events and activities to boost participation.


  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will maintain a depository account as approved by the Executive Committee, for accounts receivables.

  2. Expenses incurred will be submitted to the SW NAHRO President and Treasurer for approval and payment as set forth in contract.

  3. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will consult with the SW NAHRO Budget committee in development of annual budget.

  4. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will review expenses and invoices for accuracy and submit to Treasurer for payment.

  5. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will coordinate with the Treasurer and Fee Accountant to ensure all required IRS reports are submitted timely. 

  6. An annual inventory list will be prepared and provided detailing all furnishings, equipment, etc.  No physical, digital, or intellectual property of SW NAHRO will be sold, disseminated or disclosed without the express consent of the Executive Committee.



  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will maintain a website and social media account for SW NAHRO with current information on housing issues, SW NAHRO activities and employment opportunities.

  2. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will maintain communication, including updates to housing related issues, with the membership and potential members via email and will respond to all inquiries within 48 business hours. 



  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will plan and schedule, in coordination with the President, Executive Committee, and PD Committee, training sessions, workshops and other educational sessions to the satisfaction of SW NAHRO.  The S & S team will coordinate all meeting activities, room arrangements, and food/beverage with the venue.

  2. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will compile all materials, brochures, mailings and make arrangements for presenters and programs necessary to conduct training sessions and workshops for SW NAHRO.

  3. S & S will maintain the registrations, collections of monies, expenditures and other finances necessary to conduct training.  Reconciliation reports will be provided showing registrations and receipts to the SW NAHRO President and Treasurer within specified time period.

  4. S & S will provide a detailed report of income, expenses and attendance to the SW NAHRO Executive Committee on each event within 45 days.

  5. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will identify training sites and dates for conferences, events and meetings, in coordination with the SW NAHRO President, Executive Committee and Professional Development. 

  6. The S & S Team will market training sessions and workshops through, constant contact, website, social media, and other electronic communications and / or mailed notices. 

  7. S & S Unlimited, Inc. in conjunction with the SW NAHRO President, Executive Committee, PD Committee and Conference Planning Committee will propose and approve meeting agendas, marketing materials, registration information, and all programs for meetings, conferences and training sessions.  S & S team will develop and provide event budgets to the President no less than 6 months prior to each event and prior to billing services for any event.

  8. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will plan and execute at a minimum three training tracks for differing subject matter at the annual conference and annual maintenance workshop.

  9. The S & S team will make arrangements for business partner awards and recognition events. 

  10. S & S Unlimited team will market all events through personal sales calls.



  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will prepare and submit a travel budget for approval for any travel to be taken on behalf of SW NAHRO prior to incurring the expenses.  Travel claim will be submitted including all receipts to the SW NAHRO President for approval.  Travel may include National NAHRO Conference, National NAHRO Summer Conference and National NAHRO Legislative Conference.   In addition, S & S Unlimited, Inc. will attend all SW NAHRO Executive Board Meetings, Special Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings and any other meetings as directed by the SW NAHRO President. 



  1. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will coordinated SW NAHRO activities with HUD, NAHRO, State Chapters of NAHRO, and other Housing Associations and groups.

  2. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will assist the Nominating Committee and Secretary with the nomination and election process.

  3. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will provide adequate staff for the operations as set forth in this agreement.

  4. S & S Unlimited, Inc. will comply with the terms and conditions of all existing contracts between SW NAHRO and other chapters or entities for which it provides services or other duties.   



While the Scope of Work included in the RFP is expansive, it falls short of representing the actual work scope that S & S Unlimited, Inc. currently provides for SW NAHRO.  Since S & S Unlimited, Inc. is familiar with the interworking of SW NAHRO, the S & S team will provide a seamless transition into the new Professional Services Contract.  Much assistance is provided through our office to the various committees of SW NAHRO that is not represented in the Scope of Work. Below are a few examples: 


Professional Development: 

  • Issuance of Call for Presentations for Conference Speakers

  • Selection and Negotiations for Conference Speakers

  • Speaker Confirmations

  • Coordination of Conference Moderators


Member Services:

  • Assist in Planning & Execution of MS Scholarship Fundraisers

  • Create Marketing for MS events and fundraisers

  • Update online award applications, create marketing

  • Receive award applications, categorize and provide for judging

  • Assign jury and judging categories

  • Notify selected recipients, collect RSVP’s, make special arrangements for attendees

  • Order plaques and arrange for presentation, assist with PowerPoint preparation

  • Update online scholarship applications, create marketing

  • Review application for eligibility, prepare entries for committee review

  • Update Housing America Poster Contest marketing materials

  • Receive state entries, prepare for committee review, submit winners to national for consideration



  • Prepare CR&D Tour Marketing materials

  • Arrange tour transportation, create sign in sheets


Scholarship Foundation:

  • Prepare marketing material for annual fundraiser

  • Secure space and logistical requirements for fundraiser activity

  • Organize event process