Here are the main attractions that you’ll experience daily in our Virtual Conference Daily Flow:


Wake up with PNRC
Daily; August 31 - September 2
8:30 a.m. PST
Your essential start to each day during our Virtual Conference. Hosted by PNRC  NAHRO Leadership, Wake up with PNRC will feature all the important details of what you need to know for the day, exciting interviews, and exclusive content that will get you prepped and ready for the agenda ahead. Tune in to start the day fresh, in the know, and up to minute with what’s in store. 

COVID 19 Resources & Updates 

Daily; August 31 - September 2

9:15 a.m. PST

Housing agencies are responding in real-time to the coronavirus and its impact on day-to-day operations and the residents they serve. Hear from local housing officials on how they are adapting their programs in the current environment and NAHRO on available resources and flexibilities provided by Congress and being implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

General Sessions
Daily; September 1 - September 2
10 a.m. PST
While you’ll be streaming from all parts of the region, our General Sessions will still feature presentations you’ve come to expect and love during the conference. Kicking off with a captivating full Show Opener with Eric M. Bailey’, author of bestselling book “ The Cure for Stupidity”. What would the world look like if we could cure the stupidity around us? Imagine freedom from frustration. Imagine the peace. This session can change your life. On the 2nd say we will continue with Calvin Terrell as our next speaker. Calvin Terrell transforms pain into power and haunts into healing. Surviving violence, losing loved ones to addictions, murder, white supremacy, and misogyny, as well as owning his own prejudices and role in oppression, compels Calvin’s service. Calvin is founder/director of Social Centric Institute, a non-profit he built to educate anyone and everyone to be healers of historical trauma around racial intersections, class, religion, gender, and environmental disruption. You won’t want to miss these phenomenal speakers. 

Daily; September 1 - 2
1:30 p.m. PST
Who says you can’t be hands-on from home? The V-Expo will still be your source for all-things product. From infomercials and demos, to tutorials and marketing videos, the V-Expo will contain a virtual way to experience our vendors face to face. All these resources will be at your fingertips beginning immediately after General Session on Thursday, June 19, and throughout the remainder of the event. 


Live Sessions
Daily; August 31 - September 2
2–6 p.m. PST 
Instead of walking the hallways of a convention center, you can walk the hallway of your house and enjoy a full workshop schedule right from your living room. One of the top reasons to attend convention is our educational workshops, featuring in-depth, expert-led presentations of Housing information you’ll find nowhere else. 

HUD Financial Training (2 Day Training)

Daily, September 3 - 4

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST 

Many of our PHA finance professionals have expressed the desire to attend another HUD financial management training, so here is your opportunity!   Using a combination of lecture and interactive small group exercises and case studies, the two-day post-conference training covers up to date financial management concepts such as eligible uses of funding, effective internal controls, financial statements, HUD FDS reporting and the annual audit.  This class includes financial training specifically for PHA accounting staff to include HCV financial reporting, Public Housing financial reporting, RAD conversions, Capital Fund reporting requirements and monitoring tools.

NAHRO’s Commissioners Ethics

Daily, September 3 - 4

8 a.m. – 12 p.m. PST 

Ethics plays a significant role in the life of a commissioner. Increases the commissioner's understanding of professional conduct guidelines, and the ability to recognize and appropriately address ethics-related issues and problems that may occur. Learn about industry laws and regulations impacting ethical conduct and build your capacity as a board member. This course, intended for the new commissioner and a refresher for the veteran, uses practical applications and skills assessment exercises to reinforce ethical concepts.


Both new and veteran Commissioners

•    Introductions and Expectations, Program Purpose and Objectives
•    Introduction: global Perspectives on Ethics 
•    Defining Ethics and Ethical Conduct 
•    Ethical Dilemmas 
•    Ethics and Housing and Community Development 
•    Ethical Leadership: Improving Ethical Conduct within the H/VD Industry

Event Extras (at no extra cost!)
Attendees will enjoy a variety of prerecorded session webinars in addition to the live sessions. Live sessions will also be recorded and and available to attendees afterwards. 

Thank you, to our 2020 Virtual Conference Sponsors:

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