SW NAHRO is looking to secure a qualified individual or firm experienced in providing professional representation and services in connection with the legislative activities, training, conferences, meetings and membership services of the association.   S & S Unlimited, Inc., Shelli Scrogum, has been doing exactly that for SW NAHRO since 2008, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer. 

In addition to the COO for SW NAHRO, S & S Unlimited, Inc. oversees the management of multiple associations with a very unique and diverse set of needs, including the State Service Officer for the Texas Chapter of NAHRO.  In addition, S & S Unlimited, Inc. serves as the 3rd party subcontractor to carry out the duties of State Service Officer for Missouri NAHRO, Kansas NAHRO and Oklahoma NAHRO through an existing contract with SW NAHRO.

I have a proven track record for increasing membership and participation in Texas NAHRO since becoming their service officer in 2005; delivery of 10 - 15 open enrollment trainings per year outside the annual, fall, and maintenance conferences; conferences that are not only financially successful, but also deemed successful by attending delegates, business partners and participants for providing worthwhile training tracks, social events and networking opportunities.  In addition, S & S Unlimited, Inc. organizes and schedules the annual TX NAHRO Legislative Visit to the Hill for the membership in Washington DC in conjunction with the National NAHRO Legislative Conference.  This includes coordinating the planning dinner in DC for the members the night prior to the hill visits, reserving a private restaurant, sending invitations, collecting RSVP’s, and handling all onsite logistics.


Since contracting with SWRC NAHRO in 2008 membership increased and has held steady in an otherwise decreasing climate, conference participation has increased, SWRC reserves increased by more than $140,000.  In addition, S & S secured a Corporate Sponsor for SWRC NAHRO that 5 years later still remains dedicated to the success of the organization.  Through my leadership, SWRC NAHRO has offered some unique opportunities to the membership, including register one, get one free; certification classes at annual conferences offered at no additional fee; and free registration to Winter Committee Meetings for all attendees on multiple occasions. In addition, I am a strong supporter of community and started the Annual Habitat for Humanity Build that SWRC participates in at each annual conference as it rotates around the Region.  SWRC NAHRO is currently working on their 7th Annual Habitat for Humanity Build!  This activity sparked an interest nationally and inspired other NAHRO Regions to replicate the endeavor!


Acting as the State Service Officer for Missouri NAHRO since 2013, S & S Unlimited, Inc., through my leadership, has increased conference participation, increased the chapter’s reserves, and increased business partner participation.  My vast resources and knowledge of the many professional members and organizations that provide services to the housing industry is instrumental in our ability to prepare conference agendas that include professional training sessions with expert speakers for all 5 conferences that the chapter provides each year.  Most recently my team has revamped the MONAHRO website, leading to outstanding feedback from the membership regarding its updates.  Additionally, the S & S team organizes and schedules meetings with 8 Congressional Representatives and 2 Senators for the MONAHRO membership in conjunction with the National NAHRO Legislative Conference annually.       


In the short 4 year time frame that S & S Unlimited, Inc. has acted as the Oklahoma NAHRO State Service Officer, my team has brought  much needed professional organization to the Chapter’s conferences, plus added 3 open enrollment seminars to the State each year.  All have created results that have increased the Chapter’s reserves, increased the Chapter’s membership, as well as presented the State Chapter in a more professional light. As a result, OK NAHRO is currently in a stable financial position and reviewing opportunities to give back to its members.   


Since becoming the State Service Officer for Kansas NAHRO in 2015, my team, S & S Unlimited, Inc., has started the first ever “Kansas NAHRO Now” quarterly newsletter in addition to converting the scholarship and award applications to online applications.  Kansas NAHRO has also seen a revamped new website design and additional benefits from professional training at the associations conferences held twice per year.  S & S Unlimited, Inc. also schedules the KS NAHRO legislative visits on the hill with 4 Congressional Representatives and 2 Senators each year at the National NAHRO Legislative Conference.

For the associations under management we have converted paper applications to online formats for all awards and scholarship applications.

S & S Unlimited, Inc. acts as a 3rd party contractor overseeing more than 150 contract negotiations per year across the United States including hotel/venue selection, meeting room layouts, audio visual, food and beverage requirements, attrition, transportation, and many other meeting concessions for a private industry group.  With over 9 years of experience in servicing this contract, S & S Unlimited, Inc. has been able to secure 5 star meeting venues at affordable pricing for the industry professionals.  In addition, we consistently secure contracts with rebooking clauses, in lieu of attrition and cancellation fees which is near impossible within the competitive industry!  My designation as an International Travel Associate and a Certified Meeting Professional help S & S Unlimited, Inc. to stand out and be recognized within the Hospitality Industry!  


S & S Unlimited, Inc. possess the ability to make the goals and aspirations for SW NAHRO become reality!  That’s what we do!  We make things happen for your business!  Since our beginning in the housing industry in 1995 at the Norman Oklahoma Housing Authority, we have been working diligently to provide “more than is expected” in all facets of career and life.